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How to Make a Match Cut

Creating and executing a Match cut is simple and your audience will be impressed.

This visual effect can be used as a scene transition,

to create movie magic, or to elevate the complexity of your film.

Here is what you do:

1. Plan your motion.

Make it easily repeatable.

Make sure you use a tripod.

Do the motion completely.

This may take multiple takes.

2. Repeat the exact same motion changing an element,

like the location, a piece of clothing, or an object.

3. Cut between the shots and voila, Match Cut!

You can also do this with shapes.

1. Frame your shot with a specific shape or object.

Shot in 1 location, then another.

2. Then, cut between the shots. That’s a Match Cut!

Here’s a tip - some people use clear tape to mark their viewfinder with an outline of the shape, making it easier to move from shot to shot.

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