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Film Treatment Template

A Film Treatment helps you plan your story before you spend all time writing a whole screenplay. If you are a planner this is a very important part of the processes.


On the other hand, if you are a "Panties", which, is someone that "flies by the seat of their pants with storytelling." This means they are open to the creativity of their characters and storyline as their writing unfolds. One drawback may be the possibility of veering off course and needing to go back to correct storyline issues.


Many people find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.


A Film Treatment includes:


     1. Title. Give your treatment a title, even if it’s just a working title.

     2. Logline. This is a short sentence summarizing the premise.

     3. Plot summary, usually a one-page summary.

     4. Key characters. Provide a breakdown of key characters, including their arch or how their

         character develops in the story.


Additional Resources for Film Treatments:


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This is a Free Film Treatment Sample

Click the link or image below to get a downloadable Film Template template via Google Drive. Make a copy and get started with your own treatment.

Treatment Sample
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