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How to Make a Music Video

Use the 3-step production process:

1. Pre-production

  • Research - Watch and analyse some of your favorite Music Videos.

  • Scripting - I recommend the 4 column script because you will need SO much footage). 1 Column for Lyrics, the other 3 Columns for Lip Sync, Storyline and B-Roll.

  • Wardrobe, Props, Casting, Location Scouting

  • Plan your transitions

  • Plan your effects. Practical, In Camera, and Digital.

  • Advanced effects will elevate the complexity of your storytelling.

  • Get Copyright Permission - SAMPLE LETTER

2. Production

Camera, Lighting, Speaker (to play the music out loud), Location(s), Actors,

Scene Coverage, and In camera transitions

3. Post-production

Editing, Music, and Credits

What makes a great Music Video?

  • The Lyrics

  • The Lip Sync

  • The Imagery

  • The Bass

  • The Voice

  • The Make-up

  • The Wardrobe

  • The Hair

  • The Lighting

  • The Effects

  • The Color

  • The Lack of Colors

  • The Creativity

  • The Choreography

  • The Originality

  • The Acting

  • The Directing

  • The Editing

  • The Planning

The answer is YES!

Music Video Tips:

  • Plan ahead & be realistic.

  • Make sure your actor(s) knows the song.

  • Would it be beneficial to use multiple cameras and do multi-camera editing?

  • Play the music out loud on the shoot and have your actor really sing.

  • Use the exact same cut of the song.

  • During the edit match up the tracks, then mute your actor's singing.



Copyright Infringement

Public Domain

Creative Commons

Derivative Work

4 Types of Fair-Use: Parody, Commentary, New Reporting, Educational Purposes (nonprofit).

This video is hard to watch but proves the legal case of Fair Use against one of the worlds strongest copyright holders.


How long does copyright last?

Who can own a copyright?

Can you copyright an idea?

What happens if you break copyright?

What are some of the biggest/most historic copyright infringement case?

Can You Own a Sound?

Let's Get Started:


Step 1 Find Song


Step 3 Video Shoot

Post Production

Step 4 Upload Footage

Step 5 Edit

Step 6 Export

Examples of Great Music Videos (student and professional):

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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Daniel Caballero
Daniel Caballero
Mar 08, 2023

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