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Originally, SCREENGOAT was created out of necessity during the pandemic when student access to advanced film and editing equipment was not possible. We had no idea that the free resources, tools and access would be so far reaching and helpful to so many digital video teachers, student filmmakers, content creators and storytellers.

We are working hard to grow our content and provide more free film and editing resources. Check out our lessons, contests information, and student work. Our future goals include creating our own student film festivals, contests and bootcamps. 

Please consider supporting our efforts by donating to SCREENGOAT below.

Also, If you would think we should highlight specific topic or editing effect, please contact us using the contact form. 

Thank you, 


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Where filmmakers and content creators access
free tools and resources to enhance their filmmaking skills.

If you need more assistance with your media project(s)
SCREENGOAT Pro connects you with our team of creative professionals and

provides you with a full range of services to meet your media goals.  

Receipt will read Round Circle, Inc. 


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