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Genre Flip / Trailer ReCut

The ultimate what if! Take a movie that was made in one genre and re-edit it to fit another genre.

This project / editing exercise is so much fun!

Pay special attention to: music, pacing, cutting to the beat, voiceover, color grading, and graphics.

Check out this Finding Nemo trailer that was recut into a Horror / Thriller. It is excellent.

Take a look at all of the creative ways you editing can change the genre of Harry Potter.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Mary Poppins Trailer Re-Cut. Perfectly creepy!


(Approx. 1 - 2 Minutes)

Task 1 Find and download movie scenes and/or trailers

Task 2 Find music that will change the feel of the movie

Task 3 Edit the movie, music and sound effects to create a 1 - 2 minute trailer that

turns the movie into a completely different genre.

Task 4 Make sure you use titles and effects that sell your newly created trailer

Task 5 Feel free to add a voice over and ADR

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.

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