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And Now, There Are 2 - Cloning in Adobe Premiere Pro

Cloning in Adobe Premiere Pro is fast, fun, and simple. So, let’s get cloning.

1. Use a tripod and set-up your camera to frame a shoot that has an easy line that cuts the frame vertically - about halfway.

Cloning Tripod
Tripod, Ring Light, Cloning

2. Then, shoot footage that has your subject on 1 side and then on the other side of the frame.

3. Import your footage and put it on the timeline.

PRO TIP: Select your footage and hold the ALT or OPT key to pull your footage to the Video 2 Layer. This is a short-cut for duplicating a clip.

4. Once you have your footage stacked on top of each other, set the top clip to 50% Opacity. This allows you to see both layers and create the proper timing between your Clones.

5. Select the Masking Tool and use the Pen to cut the line and encircle your top layer clone. Once the Mask is closed and activated bring the Opacity back to 100%.

6. If the contrast is too harsh, Feather the line. If you have an object that moves, use your keyframes under Masking 1 to track their movement.

7. Once you like the timing of the interaction between your clones, you are done.

That’s Cloning!

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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