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Advanced Editing Techniques, Concepts & AI

Check out these advanced and classic editing techniques, concepts, and a look at emerging technology. We will hear from industry leaders about editing best practices and the elephant in the room AI, artificial intelligence.

Editing / Visual Storytelling: How Hitch Did It. 

Editing Concept: Comedy & Drama

How to edit to get the audience response you desire. Do you hold longer on a shot or quickly cut away? Editing is a tricky business and a lot of it is timing or feel. In the age of social media and short attention spans, we are tempted to always be cutting to move the story forward - faster. A lot of choices happen in the editing room. It is both an art and a science.  

Deep Fake: New Technology and New Dangers

This Deep Fake technology is here now. What are the questions we need to be asking? What are the positive and negative impacts? Should there be laws around the use of Deep Fakes? How can you tell the difference between real and fake? What happens to actors and creators in the future? Who will decide?

The GOP Created this, The 1st AI Generated Campaign Ad

Everything in this ad is fake. Your job - analyze this ad.

Can you spot the mistakes?  There are a number of them.

What keywords do you think the creators/generators used to get this end product? 

What are the dangers to not being a savvy consumer of media?

How can ads like this impact the future of political campaigns? 

AI Generated Backgrounds: Creating Fake Spaces

You can not believe your eyes. While that has been true for years in Hollywood Movies, now with just and a few sentences in photoshop you can alter your location and upgrade your space. This is a handy and applicable tool. What it leads me to ask is, if this is now, what is next? 

ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence, I had some questions for it. 

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