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Let's Make a Commercial

Commercials are used by businesses to promote their brand and generate revenue.

Yes, it is all about the MONEY!

Most commercials use 1 of these forms of persuasion:

  • ethos (credibility),

  • pathos (emotional appeal), or

  • logos (logical reasoning)

We even celebrate commercials on the biggest television holiday of the year, The Super Bowl!

Let's make a commercial

This video really is EPIC.

I loved seeing the use of basic fishing line, wooden sticks and water bottles, merged with masking, slow motion, water/fish tank lighting, and many more tips and tricks. Really smart video with great behind the scenes.

Social Media Commercial "Thirst Trap for Chocolate Milk"

I loved analysing this video and really taking a look at the masking techniques, along with slow motion. Looking at the lighting and extreme close-ups. Love the Behind the Scenes. She just makes every shot look awesome.

Check out these easy techniques that boost the product look.

Things to ask when making a commercial:

1. Research. What do you know about the company? i.e., Their vibe, messaging, reputation, what makes them stand out / different from their competition.

2. Who is your target audience (the specific people you want to use, purchase your product of service)?

3. On what platform(s) will your commercial be aired/posted? This information will influence your ideas, and the way you shoot and edit.

4. What is the company's logo?

5. Does the company have a high resolution logo you can use for the commercial?

6. Does the company have a tagline?

7. What is the color or color scheme of the company/commercial?

8. When brainstorming ideas, what form of persuasion are you going to use?

(ethos, logos, pathos)

9. How can you make this commercial grab the attention of the target audience?

Examples: Celebrities, attention grabbing effects, humor, emotions, weird factor, giveaways, WOW factor, etc.

10. What is your call to action? A call to action is an instruction that encourages the viewer to do something whether it is a specific action, such as visiting your website or purchasing your product.

11. What is the budget?

12. What are you going to do about music, sound effects, and/or the voice-over?

13. What is your timeline? Ask yourself when you want your commercial to be completed and posted/aired. This will help you plan your production schedule, allocate resources, and set deadlines.

Make a 30 Second Commercial for a Real Product

1. Choose the Product/Brand/Company

2. Brainstorm creative concepts / ideas

TIP: Sometimes people come up with very basic ideas. If you are stuck in the basic idea zone challenge yourself to elevate the complexity of your shoot/edit. Add an element, concept or effect that kicks your idea up a notch.

3. Plan your shoot with a visual treatment, storyboard or a 2 column script

4. Time your script with a stopwatch

5. Gather your equipment (camera, lights, rigs, SD cards, microphones),

talent/actors, props, multiple product samples.

6. Working within your 30 second timeframe : edit, add the logo and tagline.

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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