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Slow Motion

Slow Motion is an incredibly useful effect / tool to use in editing BUT it all starts with how you film the video in the first place.

If you film at a 24 or 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) you will have a lot of motion blur when you slow the footage down.

If you film at 60 FPS or higher you will have clearer footage when you use SlowMo.

If you are filming sports always make sure you are using at least 60 FPS or you will be sorry when you get to the edit.

Here is a little SlowMo experiment.

Film video and label with text in the following FPS (Frames per Second).

If the video is full speed you will need to slow it down. Notice the MOTION BLUR.

1. 30 FPS & Freeze Frame/Picture (Video - Slow to 40%)

2. 60 FPS & Freeze Frame/Picture (Video - Slow to 40/50%)

3. 120 FPS & Freeze Frame/Picture (Slow Mo)

4. 240 FPS & Freeze Frame/Picture (Slow Mo)

5. Which version(s) did you like best and why?

Make sure your camera control settings are turned on.

Watch this video from the 3 minute mark. What do you notice?

Go to the 3 minute mark to see the differences in FPS - Frames Per Second and how it works with a DSLR camera.

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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