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Storytelling Exercises


Choose an image to inspire your story. 

​Film and TV Prompts - Are you stuck? Do you need some inspiration? This might help you get going?

Storytelling Prompts

​Story Structure 101  - A complete guide to assist you in creating characters, worlds and a compelling story. 

Story Structure 101
Periodic Table of Storytelling

Periodic Table of Storytelling is a interactive chart that explores story types, characters, plots, etc. It is a very interesting tool.

Pixar in a Box

​Pixar in a Box is a course on Khan Academy. Pixar uses films and professional storytellers to introduce us to the storytelling process. This short course is free and highlights: Storytelling, Character, Story structure, Visual language, Film grammar and Pitching. Some of the best elements are: the "What if" exercise, the "Story Spine" tool, and the "Once Upon A Time" exercise. 

Pixar 22 Rules of Storytelling

​Pixar's 22 Rules is a slide show / PDF that goes through some basic and interesting tips on storytelling. 

​Movie Themes is article from Master Class is a good tool to use when trying to organize your thoughts and writing. 

10 Classic Movie Themes
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