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10 Unforeseen Effects of the Writers and Actors Strike on Us - The Viewers

About the strike, first, let me say that the writers and actors have legitimate gripes with the entertainment industry and the impact reaches far beyond the silver screen.

1. As technology is evolving AI is able to clone voices and images with little to no legal parameters or limitations? The question, what should the limitations be and how would talent be compensated.

2. Corporations and producers allowed streaming services to fall into a contractual loophole where actors and writers did not receive the financial benefits like the standard contracts of the past. For instance, if you were in a show and it was airing in syndication (running on cable channels after the original run) actors and producer would receive money as part of the successful re airing of the show. Actors have been largely left out of these agreements when it can to streaming services.

But, this post is about what this strike is doing to US, the viewing audience.

Actors Strike Writers Strike

We are really starting to feel the impact of the strikes and it is only going to get worse if the studios and producers can not come to a deal soon.

Here are 10 Unforeseen Effects of the Writers and Actors Strike on Us - The Viewers

1. News, News-ish and sports television is the only current form of fresh writing on television.

2. Entertainment television is airing weird actor profiles from the archives.

3. Late Night is still in reruns.

4. With the upcoming election cycle heating up we are missing some important voices in the conversation. The creative thinkers and writers needed to challenge the political discourse in our system.

5. The lives of countless individuals are being impacted. The industry is bigger than writers and actors. There are a huge amount of behind the scenes production people not working.

6. Since we've become accustomed to watching everything all of time, we are left to search for the B, C and D list films and series. Perhaps there are a few diamonds in the rough, but mostly we are left watching bad programs, international programs, or even having to go outside and feel the sunshine on our faces.

7. We have to see the movies in the actual theatre. There are some really great films out right now, i.e., Mission Impossible, and Barbie. That is a total of 5 hours.

8. Making room for the people that have been left out of Big Hollywood. More independent filmmakers and content creators may actually get the opportunity to be seen.

9. Nothing in the traditional creative pipeline. Production takes a long time and the instrustry is going to feel this lack of content for years. Networks may resort to reality shows of the 2000s again.

10. If there is such little new content people will start cancelling their streaming subscriptions, which will impact the studios and networks bottom line. AND, Whatever deal is made you know the price will be passed on to us. The studios will not be taking the financial loss.

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