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Purple Heart Netflix - Movie Review


I love that #Netflix is treating us to new content every weekend! (#SPOILERS)

#PurpleHearts is a sweet love story based on the Purple Hearts novel by Tess Wakefield.

Cassie Salazar is played by #SofiaCarson. Carson rose to fame in the #Disney hit #Descendants. Her character, Cassie in Purple Hearts is a struggling musician seeking a solution to a life threatening illness. #BigPharma and insurance companies are the bad guys.

#NicholasGalitzine plays newly enlisted Marine Luke Morrow. Galitzine has been in many productions but Purple Hearts, and his role in #Cinderella on #PrimeVideo are putting him on everyones radar.

The storyline is pretty good, but the film is 2 hours long. The characters we overly exaggerated in the beginning, but seem to fall into a nicer groove in the middle and end. I would have loved a slightly different ending where the overly outspoken Cassie would have used her voice earlier, BUT it is what it is. The credit scene is GORGEOUS! These 2 really do look great together.

Also, there is a VERY important cultural shift in the film I feel could be over looked by most.

The love scene, about 40 minutes in, Luke and Cassie are kissing. Things look like they are naturally progressing toward sex. Before moving forward, Luke stops for a beat and asks, "It this ok?" What an important step to show especially coming from a strong, handsome, marine, in heat of the moment. Asking for consent is a character detail that makes him such a likable character.

Music is woven throughout the movie. Sofia Carson is credited as having some of her originals in the film, which is nice touch, and the music works to propel the storyline forward.

It reminded me of A Star is Born type story without going too deep into the feels.

It is a nice Saturday afternoon film, but it is not going on the favorite film list.


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