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The Last Movie Stars - Woodward & Newman


I love how #EthanHawke put this ensemble together to tell the beautiful, complicated, messy story of #JoanneWoodward and #PaulNewman’s life together as he looks at relationships, the acting business, alcoholism, infidelity, parenting, adventure, success, regret and love.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive because the #HBOMax docu-series has 6 episodes. I mean how much could there be about these two?

I am happy to say, I think Hawke and company nailed it! I was captivated by being invited into behind the scenes meetings. We get a peak at the voice-overs being recorded and Hawke's contagious enthusiasm when someone nails their part. There is a section where Vincent D'Onofrio #VincentDOnofrio does a reading with and without choosing an emotion. It was so incredible to watch a professional at work!

We got to watch the energy of Paul Newman and #GeorgeClooney merge. And, as the documentary goes on, you understand why Cooney was chosen to play Newman’s voice. He is spot on, as is #LauraLinney who plays JoanneWoodward! Linney had an important personal relationship with Woodward, and seamlessly flows into character.

Joanne Woodward’s story has such an important lesson for society and women’s role in it. There are multiple parts of the story that are totally relatable, and many of us don’t find out until we are on the other side of motherhood. Most of us want to do parenting well, and in order to do that something is going to have to give. Oftentimes, it is the woman’s dreams, aspirations, goals, and career, as children demand a lot of time. She has some very poignant observations.

Paul Newman’s story was a lot about luck. Being born in the right place, the right time, and in the right body. Using his platform, unapologetically on important issues, puts him in an elite group of the fearless. Additionally, his problem with being a functional alcohol might make many take a look in the mirror.

I knew very little about Woodward and Newman but Ethan Hawke’s passion for the project reached through the screen, and took me on a journey. It was not just entertainment and learning about their lives but a lesson in life, love, endurance, and finding your passion.

I hope Hawke finds another project like this. So creative, well done!


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