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QUICKFIRE / 2 Hour Film Challenge

Let's make a film in 2 hours

Quickfire Film

This project is a student favorite.

It is a great challenge and lets students show off their creativity and skills.

Change the prompt and use this project for block schedules, exam days, or advanced classes icebreaker / team building 1st day of class to check out the skills in the room.


  • Must be created in class / today

  • At least 1 minute

  • No longer that 3 minutes

  • Individual or group

  • Must be turned in by end of class

  • Prompt must be said

  • Include: 5 Sec. Slate / Title/ Credits

  • 1 edit per group

  • You may break copyright

Prompt ideas can be idioms, simple phrases, or basic words. The key is that the prompt can be interpreted multiple ways so student films will have great variety.

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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