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Make them Scream! How to Make a Horror Film!

We are going to make a short horror film (2 - 5 minutes). Do your best to scare us!

With storytelling, music, timing, jump scares, and just enough information to keep that audience guessing, you can build tension, and suspense. The goal is to evoke audience emotion.

Use the 3-step production process:

Scripting, Wardrobe, Props, Casting, Locations Scouting

2. Production

Camera, Lighting, Location(s), Actors, Scene Coverage

3. Post-production

Editing, Title, Graphics, Music, Sound Effects, Credits

Things to think about:

  • Start with a great idea

  • Creative writing (Show more than you tell)

  • How do you build suspense?

  • What is a jump scare?

  • Are there other effects you can use? (Practical or digital)

  • Google make-up tutorials

  • Use costumes and props

  • Choose a great locations

  • Use smart / unique camera angles and great shot composition

  • Use lighting effects

  • Make sure your edit is clean

  • Watch audio levels

  • Use sound effects

  • Use copyright free / cleared music

  • Would the Chroma Key Effect be helpful

Creating a Horror Film / Building Tension & Suspense



Advanced Editing Technique to build suspense:

Writing Advice from Jordan Peele

How to Terrify the Audience

Elements of Suspense

Best Short Horror Films that will Inspire You:

See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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