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1 Minute / 1 Shot Film

1 minute film

Your challenge is to tell an entertaining story with a beginning, middle and end in exactly 1 minute with 1 continuous shot. That's right!

This project is inspired by Orson Welles', (of Citizen Kane and War of the Worlds), famous 1 shot scene from Touch of Evil. Many movies and shows have taken on the challenge over the years and there is always a little nod to the originator, Orson Welles.

Films like Birdman with Michael Keaton, and 1917 by director Sam Mendes and his DP Roger Deakins are wonderful modern examples of feature length films. Below are some of the best known professional examples, and some fun student examples of how this filmmaking concept has been implemented throughout the years.

When you start your project think about creative camera placement and angles, choreography, actors, props, framing and, of course, a good story.

Your edit will be SO easy because you cannot edit the contents of the story. You can only trim the beginning and the end to meet your 60 second timeframe. Pay attention to timing, use a stopwatch.

Feel free to add some audio, and effects on top but do not cut your footage.

1 Minute / 1 Shot Film

Task 1 Come up with a story with a beginning, middle and end

Task 2 Use a stopwatch to time it out. Choreography, props, camera angles, etc.

Task 3 Trim the front and back of the film but nothing in the middle. Feel free to add any

additional effects, music, voiceovers, ADR, and/or sound effects to create a film that is truly entertaining.

1 Shot Examples:

Touch of Evil


Spice Girls - Wannabe

When I'm Gone

Better Call Saul - Border Crossing Scene - 1 Shot

The Bagel

Party in the USA



Pay Up

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