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Getting to Know Adobe Premiere Pro

Let's Make a Garbage Edit.

We will go through the basic menus, panels, effects and controls to get you started as an editor. My goal is to begin preparing you to be an editor and to get you Adobe Premiere Pro Certification ready.

I love to introduce people to editing with a low pressure "Garbage Edit".

The purpose is to explore Adobe Premiere Pro with no pressure.

We are going to take a look at important elements, and put some footage on your timeline to make a Garbage Edit. This gets in some great practice navigating the program.

Here are the things we will explore:

1. The Interface:

Project Panel Double click to import

Note: at the bottom of this panel folded paper is NEW ITEM.

Source Monitor You can mark Ins an Outs

Effects Controls Position, Scale, Rotation, Opacity and Key Framing

Program Monitor This is where you see what is on your timeline.

Note: If you drag a clip from the preview panel on top of this panel you

will get a visual editing menu.

Timeline This is where you build your editing sequence, to expand your clip

view to see thumbnails, double click in the open space in the

beginning of the track. This is also where you can Lock and Mute clips.

Playhead The Playhead is the blue line. It shows you where you are in time in

every panel.


2. Menus:

Preferences Auto-Save, Audio Hardware, Sequence Settings

Sequence Sequence Settings (When you pull a new clip on the timeline and you

are asked if you want to CHANGE or KEEP the sequence settings. I

usually select CHANGE to match my clip. BUT, if you get the wrong one,

and the aspect ratio is not what you would like change it under

Sequence Settings.

Window If your windows gets messed. Under Window > Workspace > Reset to

Editing Basic Editing Window - I think of this as Home Base.

Color Basic Color Correction, Creative meaning color grading

Audio Decibels (Dbs), Volume, Dialogue, Music, Special FX

Graphics Essencial Graphics / Title


3. The Tools and Short Cuts:

Adobe Premiere Pro Tools - How They Work - Click to Expand


4. How to Import a Clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

Import some footage and put it on the timeline. Double Clip in your Project Panel to get footage. Then drag the footage to the Timeline.


1. Make sure the A1 and V1 tracks are turned on

2. If your Windows or Panels get messed up, goto Window, Workspaces, Reset to Saved Layout


5. Effects Controls


Play with the following:

Position - Left and Right / Up and Down

Scale - Size

Rotation - Moving in circular motion

Opacity - Amount of transparency

Then, turn on the Toggle Animation to make Key Frames to put your footage into motion.


6. Audio/Music

Audio Window

Adding music

Default Transition

Pen Tool

Key Framing Volume


7. Effects

Video Effects




Ultra Keying


Video Transitions

Dissolve / Default





Audio Effects

Transitions - Crossfade



Key Framing

Audio Transitions

Transitions - Crossfade


8. Title - Essential Graphics







New Item:


Black Video

Color Matte

Adjustment Layer


9. How to Export

Follow these steps to export your videos from Premiere Pro:

1. First Click File, go down to "Export" and then click "Media..."

2. Select format H.264, and preset YouTube 1080p Full HD.

3. Select Output Name to make sure you know the location of your exported video!

4. Then, Click Export! Only select Queue for Media Encoder export.

5. Wait for video to finish.


See you next time on SCREENGOAT.


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